The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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I'm about to start high school but when I was in middle school there was a kid in a lot of my classes always making sexist jokes. He made them so often sometimes I just wanted to slap him in the face and tell him that it is not okay to do that but whenever I said that to people they thought that I was over reacting or being funny. I know he may not believe all of the things he jokes about but it still made girls feel insecure including myself.


Yesterday when I was wearing my sports bra around the house after a workout, my mother was noticeably upset by my lack of proper attire, and later asked me not to wear my "underwear" in public once I attend college. It is socially acceptable for men here to run shirtless, so why can't I?


I wear a chest binder and baggy clothes at the shooting range because if I don't men harass me.


My friend recently vented to me about a conversation with her dad in which he prompted her to change her major to art because there wouldn't be a big market for women with her degree.


I was in college when a bunch of us decided to go out to a club. I wore a cute short black dress and was ready to dance. We ended up losing each other in the club, but I wound up running into a friend from my psych class. She was with some friends and we chatted a bit and then started to dance. We were having fun and just dancing the night away. These guys started to dance behind us and we let them - I don't even know why. I just followed my friend's cue and figured it was okay to have some random guy dancing up against me. But then this guy started to get really aroused to the point that he was poking me in the back and I was feeling really uncomfortable. So I started to distance myself from him, but he kept dancing up against me. And then he tried to pull down my underwear and rub against me even harder. I was horrified, embarrassed and didn't know what to do. My friend was still dancing with this guy's friends and didn't understand that my look of discomfort meant something. The more he tried to practically rape me from behind on the dance floor the angrier and ashamed I got. I finally pushed him away and ran off the dance floor. I didn't tell anyone about what happened, because I didn't know if they would believe me and also I felt so ashamed - like if I hadn't worn a short dress that maybe he wouldn't have harassed me. Thinking back on that night gets me pissed off, because that guy was obviously a predator and I should have shoved his ass to the floor and called security over. My short dress wasn't a sign for him to come and get it!


When I was fourteen I was at my locker in school when this group of guys walked by. One of them grabbed my ass and then wolf whistled and walked away. I was shocked and turned to look at who had done this, but felt frozen in my spot. He saw my face and just laughed. I felt so ashamed and it really sucked to feel that way. I was mad at myself for not saying anything to him and horrified that my body looked like it was available to be groped just because I was wearing shorts.