The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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Sitting in a hotel restaurant/bar in St Louis, MO and its not even noon yet. Unfortunately I chose to sit 10 feet from 4 loud, sexist men already drinking. The bar tender is young, female, and pretty. She is answering these jerks with a smile, knowing her submission to their harassment and condescending remarks means better tip money. I know how this feels as once upon a time when I was young I worked as a cocktail waitress and many times I smiled and took the uncomfortable remarks so they wouldn't get mad, call me a bitch, and then stiff me (that did happen the one time I said "enough"). The masogenistc jackasses are saying things like..."why can't a woman think like a man!", "your shoes are ugly but you're smokin' hot", "you ever been with a girl?", "what kind of threesome do you like - guy, guy, girl or girl, girl, guy?". When asked what superpower or fighting skills she responded "invisable ninja". take a hint guys - she wishes she could disapear and be able to kick your ass. I'm so angry that I have to sit here and hear this poor girl be treated like this. I'm tempted to tell these "gentlemen" as I leave that their delightful, witty, conversation just landed them on the site everyday sexism.


Wow should I record every single instance? Now that would break the Internet. Just yesterday a much older man hung out his car window while driving to yell "hey baby." I scowled, so he promptly followed up with, "bitch!" I guess that's all that passes for a compliment for some sorry assholes.


After extensive research about the timeline of feminism and equal rights it has become clear to me that the exact same problems that were occurring all through the 1900s are still occurring today, decades later. I hear all these wonderful women and sometimes men who speak so eloquently about these issues and yet we aren't seeing progression in this movement. Why aren't these age-old issues being resolved? because to resolve these issues would require changing EVERYONEs perspective on the issue. As a 14 year old girl who has become aware of these issues gradually over the past few years of my life, it is easy to look at things pessimistically and I often am consumed by the staggering statistics and horrifying facts about everyday sexism. It doesn't help that my peers are narrow-minded about this monstrosity of an issue, and make me feel like a person with radical and absurd opinions on this issue. They roll their eyes at the mere mention of women (just women, let alone feminism) now because of the frequency I speak about equality issues (which, ironically enough, I keep my feminist chatter to a minimum unless I am around my close friends or people who support feminism) and to make matters worse these are girls who do this to me. I am known as the person who will jump to defend feminists everywhere but they cannot comprehend the issue because they know very little about it. Its such a discouraging thing as a young person who wants so badly to make a difference when I see this issue fully mapped out and displayed in front of me. The more I research and speak out about this issue, the bigger the problem seems. I'm currently doing a project for my social studies class where we had to chose a world issue and research and present about it (I chose gender equality) and the only part of this project that I've found astonishingly hard is trying to find a way to solve it. How can a problem rooted in outdated beliefs and generations and generations of stereotypes and gender roles be solved?


I play soccer lot of times. I play girls soccer but when me and some of my friends play whith the boys on lunch time they never pick us on there team and they never let us be forward.Worst of all they never pass the ball to us.Once i got kicked by a boy and fell but no one cared about me and just keeped playing. I dont know why they do that but i really hate it.


Run Away Train
Many years ago I went on my first professional interview to become a professor. I was interviewed by the president of the college. He asked me the following: "Have you ever gotten close to getting married?" It made the institution of marriage sound like a runaway train that I had failed to catch. The most disturbing part of the interview was that I actually attempted to answer his illegal question. Got the job, still there, president is not.


applying for a promotion and considering if you should because you might want kids soon, our society conditions us this way. No mann thinks :' oh maybe my wife will have a baby soon so I better not apply'.